Adventures in Aomori / Part 2: An Unexpected Party


In my last post, I was talking a bit about my most recent trip to Aomori in the north of Japan. Despite only having three days to spend there, we managed to squeeze a lot in – dividing our time between the prefecture’s many forests, lakes and coastlines. The main reason for this trip, however, was to meet my fiancée’s extended family.

Prior to the trip, Naoko’s parents had told us that on the Saturday night there would be a get-together of the family at a local restaurant. What I didn’t know (and wouldn’t know until we arrived) was that it was actually a semi-surprise engagement/wedding party for the both of us. We will hold an official ceremony in Ireland next year, and so this was everyone’s way of saying congratulations.

While in the back of my head I had an inkling something like this might happen, I was taken aback by the scale and generosity of the night’s proceedings. When we arrived, two long tables were set, and Naoko’s Auntie also brought us a cake to cut – quite the scene with us both dressed in jeans and tshirts 🙂 There was a slide-show and quiz so everyone could get to know me, and the rest of the night was filled with kids playing, noise, laugher, food, drink, and even arm wrestling. It’s certainly an evening I will not forget in a hurry.

wedding party dinner 2wedding party dinner japanwedding cake JapanArm wrestling fun japanIMG_1226My Japanese family

Part 3 coming soon 🙂

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