Adventures in Aomori / Part 3: Among Nature


In the final segment of my blog series about Aomori, I wanted to share some photos to show just how beautiful and interesting this part of Japan is. In the space of just a few days we travelled through forests, lakes, mountains and streams. We ate the freshest seafood, and were rejuvenated by the fresh sea air.

In the video below, you can see the vibrant scenes of Hachinohe’s famous Morning Market, which happens every Sunday from dawn. Bear in mind, this video was taken at 6am – yet look how busy it is! The sun had barely risen, yet people are already out-and-about, eating and socialising as if it was mid-afternoon. I really did enjoy my trip to Aomori – to meet new family and friends, and to experience a side of Japan that you simply do not get in Tokyo.

Cooking sweetcorn outside gas

Traders selling delicious white sweetcorn. This stuff is so sweet that you can eat it raw, but it is also sold cooked. To boil it, they hook up big cauldrons of water to tanks of gas.

Hachinohe Sunday Fish market traditional cooking 2

This guy had a very popular stall – a truck that had been converted with a huge coal pit in the middle of it. This is a very traditional way of cooking, placing the fish on sticks beside burning coals. It takes a while but means the seafood isn’t damaged.

Hachinohe Sunday Fish market traditional cooking

Tending to the coals


I bought some scallops from him

Break time at Hachinohe fish market

A tea break at Hachinohe Morning Market

Aomori accidentally wes anderson

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Saba sandwich

Mackerel sandwich. If these were sold in Tokyo I’d be a loyal customer.

Art in Toawada City

Leaving Hachinohe behind, we made the short 35km journey north up to Towada City to check out the Towada Art Center, and the fun art installations that have been put up surrounding it. It’s nice to see funding being put into places like this to drive some tourists to the area.

Towada City, Aomori, Art installation


Towada Art center Aomori

Cloudy reflections

On the way to Lake Towada Aomori

Heading further north…

Trees along the Oriase river Aomori

And getting lost in nature

Vine tree Aormori Japan

Oriase river Aomori

Oirase Stream – a picturesque mountain stream that flows for 9km, offering beautiful views.

Lake Towada, Aomori

We stayed a night at Lake Towada, overlooking the calm waters, and pedalboating on the lake.

Aomori fields Hachinohe to Lake Towada

The road home… Until next time, Aomori! Stay beautiful.

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  1. John Doe

    Mate, I lived in Towada for a few years and seeing this has made me feel very homesick for it. Thank you for such a beautiful trip down memory lane.

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