Fine Dining in Tokyo: The Steakhouse, ANA InterContinental Tokyo


Introducing The Love Burger! ❤ 🍔

And just like that, as if in the blink of an eye, we are already mid-way through March. Looking back on the first two months of 2019, it really has been a bit hectic between work, wedding planning and daily life. Moving forward – I don’t see much let-up until after summer either. But with busyness, comes downtime, meaning new neighbourhoods to explore, temples to visit, and restaurants to enjoy. Last weekend, we spent a sunny morning hiking out in Kamakura which I will blog about soon. On top of that, we went to The Steakhouse at ANA InterContinental Tokyo to check out a rather unique burger.


Located on the third floor of the hotel, The Steakhouse is one of ANA InterContinental Tokyo’s twelve restaurants – a roster that includes multiple award-winners and Michelin Stars. The key here is versatility, a place that everyone can enjoy. On our visit we saw four Japanese businessmen sitting at the bar clinking glasses and kampais after work, while at the adjacent table a family was sitting down for a Friday night meal. (This spot is actually famous for its Japanese craft beer, one of which uses sweet potato!)  Jazz music was playing, and as the sun set the atmosphere was super chill. The semi-open kitchen not only creates a bit of an energetic buzz, it also means the smell of chargrilled meat drifts into the restaurant. As soon as we entered, we were hungry.

The Steakhouse_entranceThe Steakhouse_night

After seeing a picture of it online, we wanted to try The Steakhouse’s limited edition Love Burger – a burger that features the restaurant’s signature wagyu beef patty but with a heart-shaped twist. The red heart bun that sat on top looked like a fluffy pillow. Made with high-grade, wagyu beef, the burger naturally tasted amazing. The bun was soft on top and lightly grilled on the bottom to add a slight bite. The fries were dusted with some sort of magic coating and crisped up nicely. The pickles were on form. All in all, this was a perfect Friday night meal – a playful start to the weekend. (I also gave into temptation and ordered the scallops. These were grilled, with broccoli puree, julienne apple, roasted zucchini, and yuzu gel. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds.)


Valentine’s Day is of course over, but let’s not forget about the other romantic holiday – White Day – that happens on 14 March! On White Day, men in Japan are supposed to give gifts to women who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. So it makes sense that The Steakhouse have continued to run this limited edition burger until April. What’s more, if you opt for one of their traditional wagyu burgers, you can grab it to go for half price during the week. Perfect for eating in the park during hanami. The discount link for that is here!


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