Old-school gyoza in Minowabashi

Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 7

While walking through an eerily run-down shopping arcade in Minowabashi (which I wrote about here) I came across this place: no sign, the shutters half down, and a random snowman sitting out the front. While to many people a place like this may look like a total mess and not be worthy of a second-glance, I am always intrigued. And so I ventured closer to order some gyoza from the little lady cooking behind the kitchen.

With a screen door at the rear of the shop, it’s pretty likely that this woman lives out the back or even upstairs. But with steam bubbling from the stove, and grease climbing up the walls, I can’t really imagine how her place smells. What an atmosphere though. A great little shop where she makes gyoza before your eyes, then serves them up while you wait.

I love that this place had no name, just a flag outside telling passers-by that it sold gyoza. No frills, and only one thing on the menu. This is as simple as it gets. 💖🥟🥟🥟

Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 6Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 5Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 2Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 3Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 8Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 4Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo 9Minowabashi gyoza Tokyo

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