From Tokyo with Love: December 2020

As December – and 2020 as a whole – slowly finishes up, I thought I would share some photos from this month in Tokyo. While December traditionally conjures up images of cold wintery days, that usually isn’t the case here – with the final month of the year actually being the peak of autumn. As such, we were treated to our usual array of reds and yellows, along with clear blue skies in the suburbs nearly every day. On a personal level, I always find it interesting to look back at photos from the past month to see if there is any sort of unconscious theme running through them. I guess December’s collection is pretty rich, with lots of deep burgundy hues.

Of course, Christmas was always going to be a bit different this year. There was no way on earth I was even going to attempt travelling to Northern Ireland, and so it was a quiet affair at home, keeping in touch with our parents on the phone, much like we do every week anyway. I also took solace in the rather somber fact that even if we did live closer to Europe, I wouldn’t have been able to spend much time with my parents anyway due to COVID restrictions. The world right now is an unusual place, and it can be difficult at times to see the sun through the clouds. I myself am guilty of letting it get to me, but I am trying to stay grounded and just enjoy what I have. It reminds me of of a haiku by Basho:

Misty rain;
Today is a happy day,
Although Mt. Fuji is unseen.

And so, despite the current world situation being misty and unclear, I hope you are still having a happy day.

Justin / IKIMASHO x

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