From Tokyo with Love: October & November 2021

And so – in what seemed like the blink of an eye – both October and November are behind us, with the end of the year closing in. For any of you reading in Western countries, you are no doubt feeling the cold and experiencing the start of winter. Here in Japan, it is still very much autumn and the leaves have just turned. This will continue into the middle of December, and it’s only really towards the end of the month that we will start to feel the icy cold.

Over the years, this blog has evolved to become a snapshot of my daily life in Tokyo. In the past, I would have written an entire blog post about a particular ramen restaurant. Nowadays, that ramen restaurant may be lucky to get a photo – let alone a write-up. I think it’s because I don’t want to focus on the ultra-specifics of my life here. Instead, I simply want to portray a general ambiance or feeling of what it’s like to live in Tokyo long term. I still get a warm feeling from walking about and seeing the things I see, and so I hope I succeed in some small part in sharing this feeling with you.

The pictures I post on this blog are things my wife and I just see while walking about on our regular rambles. We don’t go far out of our way to visit certain places, or do anything special. In that sense, I feel this blog is a natural representation of what living in Tokyo can be like if you have the same personalities as us. You may notice that there aren’t many nighttime shots at all. That’s because we prefer to get up early in the morning and be back home by late afternoon. We lead a quiet life, which is totally achievable even in the biggest city in the world. That is the beauty of Tokyo. In can be as crazy, or quiet, as you want it to be. And so, this is our version of the city we love.

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  1. Tony Neal

    Thanks for another year of great posts & photos. I hope you have a good Christmas & enjoy the festive lights around Tokyo, such as the Roppongi Hills Winter Illumination, etc. Looking forward to more of your posts & wishing you well in the New Year.

  2. Thank you, Tony! I’m sorry i haven’t been blogging as much on the main blog here… a busy year with life and work but I am so glad you have been enjoying what I do put up! Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  3. shane john fox

    thanks for all the great photos enjoyed reading the blogs
    wishing you a great christmas and and a happy new year
    shane and georgie

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