IKIMASHO Luxury Stays: Pearl Star Hotel Atami

Where the sky and sea meet as one /海と空が一つになる所

With a trip to SE Asia already planned for a few months’ time, we decided to stay semi-local this Spring Break, heading down to Atami, a seaside city on the Izu Peninsula. Despite being only an hour away from Tokyo, Atami is a place that offers a completely different vibe – lots of hot springs and nostalgic buildings from the Showa era. From our base at Pearl Star Hotel Atami we were perfectly placed to wander the backstreets and explore the area – all the while enjoying the atmosphere that comes from a five-star hotel.


Tokyo to Atami / 東京から熱海まで

While a Shinkansen can get you to Atami much quicker, we chose to take a local train since we weren’t in a hurry and it still only took two hours. Passing by super small stations such as Hayakawa and Nebukawa along the way reminded us how quaint the Izu peninsula can be. With the sea visible from some of these train platforms, they wouldn’t be out of place in a Ghibli animation.


Pearl Star Hotel Atami / パールスターホテル熱海

Check-in was easy, seated in the huge and modern lobby. We were offered matcha green tea and wagashi traditional sweets. Our room on the 9th floor was decorated in a warm, modern Japanese style with soft lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside on the balcony, we were able to enjoy our own private hot spring bath, overlooking Atami Bay. Meanwhile, staff explained that the hotel’s top floor infinity bath was designed to resemble a ship in the sky – the sound of the overflowing hot spring water reminiscent of a ship breaking through the waves.


Local Gastronomy Sinfonia / ローカルガストロノミー シンフォニア

Our stay included dinner at Sinfonia – the hotel’s French restaurant on the 6th floor. A play on the word symphony, our dinner was multi-layered just like that of an orchestra. A perfect example of this would be the amazing ‘Wellness Salad’ – each individual ingredient delicious in its own right, but even better when paired in harmony with others. Breakfast, served in the same location, offered more treats such as freshly squeezed orange juice (using a cool machine) and an entire spread of Western, Japanese and Chinese choices.

私たちの滞在プランには、6階にあるフレンチ レストラン「ローカル  ガストロノミー   シンフォニア」でのディナーが含まれていました。まるでたくさんの音を奏でるオーケストラのシンフォニーのように、食事にもまた多彩な食感や色彩がありました。例えば、様々な野菜が含まれた「ウェルネス サラダ」は一つ一つの材料の美味しさもさることながら、他の食材との組み合わせによって、一段とまた違う美味しさを味わうことができました。朝食も同じ場所に用意され、オレンジを絞る専用ジューサーで作られた絞りたてのオレンジジュースや洋食、和食、中華料理と幅広い料理が用意されていました。贅沢を極めた朝食でした。

Daily life in Atami /熱海の日常生活

Regular readers of this blog, and indeed our Facebook page, will know how much we enjoy simply wandering around random backstreets and immersing ourselves in local life. Atami is a great place to do this, with lots of hidden lanes, old buildings, and friendly locals. Near the hotel, we came across a small stream where a tame grey heron was wandering about. We soon found out that the crane was drawn to a fish shop nearby – the owner throwing scraps for the bird to enjoy now and again. This kind of thing you just don’t see in Tokyo, and made us smile.


The rustic charm of Atami, combined with the luxury of Pearl Star Hotel, was a great combination. Check out the video of the hotel below, and I hope you like the vibe.

素朴な魅力を持つ熱海と豪華で素敵なパール スターホテル熱海は素晴らしい組み合わせでした。ホテルに関して下記の動画をご覧になってください。雰囲気を楽しんでいただけたらと思います。

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  1. Thanks for yet another inspiring post. We have fond memories of Atami but perhaps we should go back there to experience this fantastic hotel! A little PS: that’s a gray heron, not a crane 😉

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