A little village in the forest

Rural Bali Lembongan CeninganNo other way to describe it really. Pure rural Asia. Every time I’m faced with a scene like this I’m reminded of how crazy modern life has become. You’ll not find anyone bitching about how their $5 Starbucks cappuccino isn’t hot enough here. Actually this compound is probably better than some of the shithole venues I played with in my old band. Better accommodation anyway. I stumbled across it purely by accident in the middle of nowhere on Nusa Lembongan, Bali. A small campfire where food had recently been cooked was still smoking when I arrived, and as I made my way out the back I was hit by one of the most serene views I’d ever seen: thick mangrove trees and clouds reflecting upon perfectly still water. This is why travelling is amazing.

Rural Bali nusa lembongan ceninganRural Bali nusa lembongan ceningan

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