Cliff Jumping in Bali

blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping

Believe me, 43ft looks a long way down from the top…

Cycling round Nusa Lembangon and Nusa Cengingan – two islands off the east coast of Bali – is a great adventure. Starting off at Jungut Batu and circling the circumferences you’ll come across remote mangrove swamps, hidden villages and the bluest water you’ve ever seen at the aptly named, Blue Lagoon. What makes this rugged coastline even more spectacular is that you can jump off a 43ft high cliff and live to tell the tale.

blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping

View from the jumping spot. If you click and enlarge you can see tiny thatched huts perched on the edge of the cliff. Would be a pretty epic place to live.

blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping

Landing spot. Where you jump from is higher up, out of view.

blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping

When the heavy sway of the current crashes against the ladder, hold on. Tight.

blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping

My cleanest landing…


Blue Lagoon is located at the western tip of Nusa Ceningan, a tiny island connected to Nusa Lembongan by a wooden suspension bridge. Rumours abound that the bridge is frequently down but you just have to go and check for yourself. Scooter rental from Jungut Batu village on Lembongan is a mere $7 dollars for the day (no license required), or if you’re a gluten for punishment like myself you can hire a mountain bike and cycle the entire two islands for $2. It’s one of the best cycles I’ve done though and well worth it. (Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.)

DO NOT, under any circumstances, attempt the jump if the ladder is not down or you are screwed. A few Indonesian guys will come sometime after midday and lower the ladder into the sea. They will also make you sign a waiver of responsibility and charge you $5 for three jumps. When jumping don’t go wacky. Land like a pencil: arms straight to your sides, legs together. You don’t want to lose a testicle. Seriously! Even a low jump of 20ft will have the body hit the water at 40 km/h. This is twice that so be careful.

The current is pretty strong. Once you jump don’t fight it and let it carry you towards the ladder.

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blue lagoon nusa ceningan bali cliff jumping


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    can we repost your photo on our instagram account? please check out ig account @thebaliguideline. Thanks

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  10. Type nusa ceningan into googlemaps and then look for BLUE LAGOON at the bottom left of the map.
    You will just have to go to the cliff and see if there is a ladder! Stay safe!


  12. jake

    can we still jump there? I went in October 2016 and the ladder wasent down and had to go to mahanna point instead 😦

  13. Hey Jake thanks for the updated info. I’m really not sure if it is still active as it was a few years back this post – saying that when I went myself the ladder wasn’t down either and some guy came along after a while and put it down. Maybe I will edit the post with your new info. Where is Mahanna Point? Far away?

  14. jake

    yeah its right next to it just continue on ur way another few minutes or so and youl run into it, its not as beautiful and nice like blue lagoon though

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