The Curator


At midnight Tokyo can feel like a dream. A silent suburbia awaiting the onset of sleep. Vending machines hum and glow, pulsating, while cats peer down from above. Mass tangles of electrical cables silhouette against the moon. By 1am most of the shutters in my neighbourhood have closed. Yet one store is always open. It sells toys. Old toys. Spin tops and paddle balls, wind-up cars and forgotten plastic treasures. Inside, the Curator sits content: a pupa encased in a cocoon of cardboard boxes and old-time music floating from a record player. While Tokyo sleeps he is watching over us all.

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  1. Richard Barlow

    It’s difficult to tell if he is completely contented with his life or somewhat obsessed and lonely. I’m sure you could find out but it seems like it would be too much of an intrusion. Great photo.

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