Up in the Clouds: Hiking in Kanagawa

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

Last weekend I was feeling jaded and claustrophobic after a busy week at work. Tokyo can do that to you sometimes. So I packed a bag, got on a train and set off without an agenda. Five hours later I was standing on top of a mountain.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

Mount Fuji, quiet & serene. I must have stood here for about 30 minutes simply staring at the real-life woodblock painting in front of me. Beautiful.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

Watch your step. On any trail in Japan you will see people of all ages – kids, old people, even dogs… But in parts it’s kinda tough. Best to wear decent shoes, unlike the falling-to-bits converse I had on. This girl’s socks were awesome.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

An amazing little shop at the top of Mount Oyama. Porters have to climb up the mountain with cases of food and drinks on their back to replenish the stock. Here you can buy steaming udon and takoyaki – as well as simple chocolate and cup noodles.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

A lot of people choose to bring their own stoves. After climbing all day, instant noodles cooked outdoors like this taste as good as from any upscale ramen shop, believe me.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

I started chatting to this guy and he invited me to join him and his mate. They offered me hot red wine, German bread and some potato soup. To this day I’m still in awe of Japanese hospitality. Thank you.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

They kept topping me up. Legends.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

I talked to this guy about music. And then he started to jump.

Hiking in Japan Kanagawa

Suffice to say, I didn’t feel smothered by Tokyo any more. Mother Nature cures all.

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