|||||||||||||||||||| TOKYO AS A CIRCUIT BOARD ||||||||||||||||||||

best night views tokyo

Up until pretty recently I spent most of my life soldering speaker wire and crossover components. These days I solder cities. This is Tokyo, my latest creation. A living, breathing circuit board. Colour coded metro stations doubling as resistors. Cubic transformers as skyscrapers. Look down and what do you see? Semi conductors, diodes and transistors? Or convenience stores, ramen shops and pachinko parlours. I set the temperature of the iron to 675 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for the tip to heat up. I then load the circuit board into the alligator clips and get myself ready to solder – iron in one hand, coil of solder in the other. I turn oscillators into vending machines, copper wire into freeways. I am a god of electronics, a creator of worlds.

 best night views tokyo

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