Experience the City with Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro Colors

Take a virtual tour around Japan’s capital with the new Tokyo Metro ad

I was an advertising copywriter and creative back in the UK for about seven years. Among other things, I worked on the Northern Ireland Tourist Board account developing full campaigns for print, radio and TV. Many people don’t realise the amount of effort that goes into the adverts they see on the street and screen. Some ads look deceptively simple: but the amount of planning that is required is ridiculous.

This is especially true of location shoots for TV. I have developed a number of TV ads and been involved in the entire process: from storyboard, to shoot, to voice-over and promotion. It’s a logistical nightmare. So I really appreciate the amount of work that went into the new Tokyo Metro ad. More than a mere ad, it takes you on a vast tour of the city – celebrating what’s on offer, and the ease of which it can all be seen. To many outsiders Tokyo can seem like a sprawling metropolis. But with 9 lines and 179 stations, the Metro is the one thing that joins it all together.

Check out the new ad here:

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