Welcome to my crappy Thai gym


Stumbling across a cheap outdoor public gym in the centre of Bangkok.

Simple post this one that will hopefully will be of some use to anyone looking for a dirt cheap place to work out in the centre of Bangkok. Gyms are often expensive in the city so if you don’t mind sweating outside with the locals, head to Lumphini Park not far from Silom BTS station. Once you go through the main gates veer to the left and you’ll see a rustic outdoor gym. The machines are crap (if you want cardio just run around the park) but there is a decent amount of free weights.

It’s free for Thai people, and £1 for foreigners. Sometimes (if you’re lucky) the sprinklers will be on on the grass beside gym and you’ll get cooled down. Otherwise, expect to be as hot as you would imagine working out in 35 degree heat. Bring lots of water!

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

The outdoor gym is in Lumphini Park

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

There’s a bit of shade but not much. There’s usually a guy sleeping who you are supposed to pay. He’ll come find you eventually so don’t worry.

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

Some crap free weights at the front, better ones out the back.

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

‘Foreigner: 50 baht’ Unfortunately you get this a lot in Thailand, one price for visitors and another price for Thais. But it’s cheap enough at £1.

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

The sprinklers come on out the back sometimes. Some of the weights have been welded on to the barbells so you can’t remove them but adding is OK.


The cardio machines are hilariously shit.

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok

Public gym in Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

cheap outdoor public gym bangkok



  1. Irwineyes

    Nevertheless, this is a wonderful experience if you are tourist. It could even be a cultural shock.

  2. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains

    I know how you feel brotha! I’ve been travelling myself and saw a gym of similar stature. As long as the metal is decently sturdy and you wear gloves you should be good to go man!

  3. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains

    That’s the way! Heck even carrying heavy objects helps as long as you stretch!

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  6. Max

    Thanks again for your posts about crappy gyms in less-developed places (this is from the same guy who found the gym in Marrakesh). I found this gym, crappy cardio machines and all, and happily paid to use it–the price is still 50 baht for foreigners, as a little sign now declares (I did not find the chain-smoking guy; he may have retired.). As it turns out, gyms are now springing up all over Lumphini Park–there must be four or five by now. At least one or two of them are outside and are free; they are populated by the kind of guys who weigh 140 pounds (ten stone) and can embarrass you in any sort of body-weight exercise. Good luck finding more crappy gyms wherever you travel, and thanks for posting so much about them!

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