Reflections: Living through the Nepal earthquake / Part 3, Camp Hope.

justin egli camp hope dwarikas kathmandu nepal

Please contribute to Camp Hope & help those affected by disaster rebuild their lives.

It’s been two months since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake left a profound trail of destruction in the villages surrounding Kathmandu, Kavre District and Sindulpalchowk – along with many other areas of central and western Nepal. To date, more than 8,000 lives have been lost with countless homes and villages destroyed. Small (unreported) aftershocks continue to hit the country, and so those who survived the disaster unfortunately still have to live in fear.

I already wrote about how kind the Dwarika’s Hotel was to me during the disaster, but the unbelievable staff there are continuing to go above and beyond the call of duty having set up a temporary settlement in Kathmandu called Camp Hope. Camp Hope currently houses 331 displaced Nepalese from Sindhupalchowk, a region that lost almost 90% of its homes. With their homes now destroyed, the camp is home to many villagers including the elderly, over 150 children, pregnant women and now – miraculously – a newborn baby. The hotel has enrolled 82 children in a nearby school and kitted them out them with school bags, books and supplies. Currently, staff from the hotel are in the process of assessing camp members’ land, homes and farms, in order to construct new homes for them after the monsoon season.

justin egli camp hope dwarikas kathmandu nepal

Camp Hope

justin egli camp hope dwarikas kathmandu nepal

Clockwise: Staff from the hotel coordinating relief efforts; chartering a helicopter to bring supplies to remote areas; daily life in Camp Hope; helping displaced children back to school.

“It is vitally important that Nepalese affected by this natural disaster are able rebuild their lives quickly, sustainably and with dignity. We have budgeted US$30,000 from our side to the fund to start things off. With the help of friends and family, we are managing the camp on our own.

“Due to the confusion of the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, we are not able to access any incoming disaster relief funds at this time. We are planning to rebuild the five villages that our camp is comprised of; homes, schools, health clinic, community hall and farms with ecological and sustainable building techniques that incorporate the value systems important to these communities.

“We would be grateful for any financial support that you could provide. For the moment we request you to gather donations, but not to send funds immediately. We will let you know as soon as the appropriate plans and processes are in place.”

I have raised money and some of my friends have also kindly donated. The money that we have raised will go directly to maintaining and expanding Camp Hope, allowing many displaced Nepalese families to live in safety while their homes and villages are being rebuilt. * It’s worth repeating that this money will go directly to the people in need – not just towards supplies that will frustratingly sit on the runway at Kathmandu airport. *

If you wish to donate – anything at all – you can do so easily via paypal (username: jarpunk@hotmail.com) and then I will deposit a large collective sum into the Camp Hope fund once I get details from the hotel. In the meantime, you can keep track of the hotel’s daily relief efforts on the Dwarika’s website. Please keep Nepal in your thoughts. Just because it isn’t on the news anymore, doesn’t mean the situation out there is any better.

With deep gratitude,

Ambica Shrestha, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Shrestha Einhaus and the entire Dwarika’s and Kathmandu Travels & Tours family. And of course, myself. For you will be helping those who helped me. Justin x

justin egli camp hope dwarikas kathmandu nepal

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