Grey Point in Northern Ireland, December 2015

Happy to be featured in a list of top Northern Irish travel blogs put together by fellow countryman and friend Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living. Jonny is currently travelling in India (country 112) – but he also goes out of his way to visit micronations and disputed countries that most people have never even heard of. Check out his site to read all about his adventures in bizarre places such as Podjistan, Adammia, Austenasia, Karakalpakstan, Ladonia, Lagoan Isles, Christiania, Uzupis and Gorno Badakhshan. I caught up with Jonny a few times in Northern Ireland last year. His passion for travel is infectious.

Also on the list are Allan/Fanfan from Live Less Ordinary who you may remember I spent a good bit of time with in Isaan, Thailand last April and October. They have just completed a road trip of Eastern Europe, and will be doing more European stuff this year. And of course, no list of travellers from Northern Ireland would be complete without Johnny Ward from OneStep4Ward – currently on country 187 with just 10 more to go… Not many people can say they’ve been to every country in the world, but he soon will be able to.

Check out the full list and write-up here.

Finally, I just have to share a few short videos from Jonny’s Don’t Stop Living YouTube channel. Basically, Jonny documents his whole life on the road: 15,000 videos so far and counting. Standing at a bus stop? Jonny will film it. Breakfast? Jonny will film it. At first I thought he was crazy, but I really enjoy these videos – they make me laugh, and I wish over the years I myself had filmed more day-to-day stuff from different countries.

Safe travels,


Bangor, Northern Ireland / Tokyo, Japan



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