Reflections: Living through the Nepal earthquake / Part 2

One year on. My thoughts are with Nepal today.


kathmandu relief flight evacuation Oddest boarding pass you ever will see

Evacuation: Life on the ground and taking a relief flight from Kathmandu to London.

It’s been nearly a month since I was evacuated on a relief flight back to the UK by the British Foreign Office after the earthquake in Nepal. Flying home I was a little unsure whether I had made the right decision, thinking I was fine to continue on travelling. But it’s only now that I acknowledge that I was probably more stressed during that first week than I realised. I needed to see my family and friends – and they needed to see me – so ultimately I’m glad I came home. I’m now mentally and physically back on track and about to set off again, this time to Morocco and the surrounding area. Travelling of course is a privilege, and I am grateful that I am in…

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