LITTLE ISAAN BARBERSHOP OF HORRORS: Getting a haircut in rural Thailand


This time last year I was getting ready to go to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand for a couple of months. While looking through my camera the other day I came across some photos from my time in Isaan in the Thai countryside. I remember one day Allan and I went down to get haircuts at the local barbershop. The place was amazing – totally unlike any barbershop I’d seen before, with chickens running about and toddlers getting cool buzzcuts. It’s these daily experiences that make travel such a wonderful thing, and I miss Isaan a lot. The haircut cost 27 baht (60p / $0.70), and despite the look of the place and scary razor action, I honestly think it was the best haircut I’ve ever had! Next month I’ll be heading back to SE Asia for a bit, flying to Taiwan, Borneo and possibly Brunei.


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