It’s been about five weeks since I got back from my last trip to Borneo and I’ve pretty much been working flat-out since then. In my free time – what little of it I seem to have these days – I have at least managed to check out a few festivals (here and here), as well as blag a collaboration with ANA. My aim was to try and work with at least one luxury hotel brand a month in the lead-up to Christmas, but at this rate I’ll be lucky to get any. My Japanese housemate is off to Bangladesh in a few weeks so I’ve been helping him with his visa application for that, and I keep sporadically reading articles about the Maldives – I guess it’s a sign that I wanna go there next year! I’m hoping over the next few weeks I can do a few day trips out of the city – but in the meantime here are some random photos of my daily life in Tokyo from over the last month.


Back in Northern Ireland we often refer to small, raggedy bars as “holes in the the wall.” This bar I spotted not too far from Ikejiriohashi is literally just that. I love the little sign just propped up against the wall telling you the opening hours.


It seemed like the rain would never stop. It was definitely the wettest September I can remember in Tokyo. One Saturday a few of us ended up in an Iranian restaurant in Roppongi.


A framed photo with no context sitting out the back alley of a sushi shop.


Tokyo Tower looking sultry, taken from Roppongi Hills.


Arriving in Kichijoji one day I got on the escalator to leave the station and as I was slowly moving down it this scene was happening right in front of me.


Tokyo life.


The little house at the top of my street. When the sun hits it I don’t think there is a building I like more in Tokyo.


I went to the Mori Art Museum to check out its latest exhibition: The Universe and Art. I’ll write more about this in a future post, but the digital installation by  TeamLab was pretty incredible.


‘Snack’ bars are small, Japanese style bars that can be found in any neighbourhood in Tokyo (or any other town in japan for that matter). They usually have no windows or outdoor menus to give you an idea of what is inside, but pretty much inside is just a bar with a few or no tables. Most often behind the bar will be the Mama-san proprietress, with customers usually buying their own bottle of shochu to be drunk mixed with water or tea. If you don’t finish the bottle, Mama-san will write your name on it and put it behind the bar, ready for your next visit.


My local corner shop.


Craft beer samplers from Tap Room in Harajuku. Think it was 1,000yen for three small glasses.


Suburban Nishi-eifuku, a neighbourhood heading north on the Inokashira line. Just through that large Torii gate and turn right and you’ll come to the outdoor swimming pool I go to in the summer.


My neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa at night.


Thrift store, Shimokitazawa.


Sugamo, Tokyo.


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  2. Found it!

    〒154-0001 Tokyo, Setagaya City, Ikejiri, 2 Chome−34−16 1F

    〒154-0001 東京都世田谷区池尻2丁目34−16 1F
    JMXJ+GM Setagaya City, Tokyo


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