Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop at Terminal 2 in Narita Airport listening to a super cheesy sax solo playing over the radio. I have a few hours to kill before a flight to Ho Chi Minh, where I will be hanging out until Friday. Next week is Golden Week in Japan –  a string of National holidays giving people five days off this year.

Looking back over my blog from the last few months, I’m aware that I’m not posting as often as I used to. In an ideal world I’d like to post maybe a few times a week, but I don’t want to just post for the sake of it. (Hang on though, isn’t that what I’m doing with this post? Ha!) In any event, daily life has been pretty busy lately. I’ve just finished the first few weeks of the new term at my kindergarten, as well as helping to train all the new recruits for this year. My last trip down to Fukuoka coincided with this training and so it was an especially busy period. I feel I am only just getting on top of everything, yet here I am about to board a flight to Vietnam. So I have told myself I am going to chill on this trip and not do too much. I will be working with Le Méridien Saigon at the tail end of my stay, so looking forward to some R&R there – as well as exploring some of the little back streets of HCMC.

The photo above was taken on a rainy night in Kanda, Tokyo, last Saturday. Even after five years, I still love the street scenes I see all around the city. Some look like paintings.

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