6am – 8am: SAIGON / SÀI GÒN

Early morning HCMC

Up early and on to the streets of Saigon

Pho Bo

Breakfast of Pho Bo – Vietnamese noodle soup with beef broth & herbs

Dreamy Tao Dan Park

Tropical trees and dreamy vibes at Tao Dan Park

Coffee in the park, HCMC

People watching and coffee drinking. Coarsely ground beans go into a French drip filter (called a phin), which sits on top of the cup. This coffee is very strong, and most people drink it with a little sweetened condensed milk.

Morning traffic Saigon

Somewhat calm before the afternoon motorbike madness begins

Textures. Street below. Saigon

Seeing the city from above

Cute alleyway, Saigon

And on ground level

Colours, Ho Chi Minh City

I fell in love with these colours

Street vendor Saigon

The brutalist architecture of the city…

Colourful washing hanging, Saigon

Merges with the French Colonial and downright cute.

Fegs. Pig's Leg. Modern Art on the streets of Saigon

Cigarettes, a bag of skin and a pig’s leg. Vietnamese markets trying their hand at modern art.

Cat. Washing. Saigon

Kitten. Rooftop. Laundry.

Vietnam bike

Viet – nam


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