Last weekend was seriously one of the best weekends I have had in years. There is a fine line being a travel blogger – I obviously want to write informative posts about places, but sometimes I like the fact that this site is simply a diary for myself,  and something I can look back on in years to come. And so this post isn’t really about anything, and yet it’s about everything. This is what my three-day weekend looked like in in Tokyo.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

On Friday night Naoko and I were guests at China Blue, a Chinese restaurant inside Conrad Tokyo – a five-star hotel in the city. The entrance to the restaurant itself was striking in its own right, and I will write about our meal in my next post.

fluffy chan

With rain forecast for Saturday we headed out to the National Art Center + the Mori Art Museum to check out SUNSHOWER – an exhibition of contemporary art from SE Asia 1980s to now. It afforded the opportunity to get lost in fluff…

ASEAN Sunshower Mori Tokyo

As well as among a huge wall of portraits featuring shots salvaged from an old Indian photo studio in the early 80s. This was my favourite part of the exhibition I think.

ASEAN Mori Sunshower Tokyo

Don’t be fooled: My love for Asia is greater than my stern face portrays!

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Lunch that day was cold soba noodles with lime, as well as mentaiko on rice.

Sushi Shinjuku Tokyo

While Sunday’s lunch was sushi, eaten with our friends Matt & Akari before going to see the new Alien movie (more rain!). Having not really gone to the cinema for the past four years, I am enjoying going again and have been three times in the last three weeks 🙂

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

A typhoon hit Tokyo hard on Sunday night, but by Monday morning it had passed. Up early, we headed to Kamakura where I made a new friend on the train platform…

Hokokuji Bamboo Kamakura 14

And at a temple… Actually, this is an empty cicada shell after it had shed its skin. It kinda looked like an Alien from the film the night before!

Hokokuji Bamboo Kamakura 6

The bamboo forest at the temple was beautiful. (See my last post about it here.)

Blue skies in Kamakura

As was the clear blue sky.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

More food! This time, sashimi over rice with the darkest soy sauce I can remember – and the hottest wasabi. This bowl was too big to finish.

Hase Kamakura sea street view

Hase in Kamakura is right by the sea…

Menkake Gyoretsu 3

But the real reason we were there was to see an obscure and bizarre traditional festival, one which I will write about soon!

Enoden Kamakura Sea

Finally, on the way back to Tokyo we stopped off at Inamuragasaki, a small station on the Enoden line. A few minutes’ walk from the station – and a quick hop over a fence – and we were rewarded with this view.

Inamuragasaki view kamakura

Looking out to Enoshima and beyond. ❤

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  1. Alex

    You have a good eye as a photographer. That shot of your friend looking out to sea, taken over her shoulder, is beautiful and perfectly framed.

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