My connection with Japan

Today is Father’s Day – both in Japan and Northern Ireland – and so I wanted to share this post once again. Originally written 3.5 years ago, it shows where my fondness for Japan comes from, and includes a short update at the end.



Nature vs Nurture. My father has a lot to answer for.

Written January 2015

This ruffian here is my father. You can almost see the catapult hanging out of his back pocket. Growing up, we both looked very similar – but over the years our personalities have also merged, with me subconsciously adopting a lot of his traits. As a young man my dad travelled a lot. He was shipped off to live in Switzerland when he was 15, became fluent in German and thought nothing of hitch-hiking 600 miles to get somewhere. One time him and his mate ended up in Tangier in northern Africa, sleeping on the beach, burying booze and food in the sand to keep it cool. When they ran out of money they drew straws to see who would sell a pint of blood to give them enough money to get the ferry back. In…

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