JPN > NI 2019

Like clouds slowly dispersing, my jetlag is finally starting to clear. One week ago today I was walking around Silent Valley in Northern Ireland, while this afternoon was spent in the not-so-silent Kanda area of Tokyo. Our whirlwind visit back to Northern Ireland was primarily to get married, but we did also find time to get lost in the rural landscapes that characterise the island.

The wedding itself was beautiful, and everyone had a great time. I will post a few shots at a later date, but for now I just wanted to share some of the views we enjoyed during the course of our two-week trip. ☘

Flying from TokyoFlywing over Northern IrelandCloudy Bangor coastline northern irelandBangor Northern Ireland coastlineNorthern Ireland scenery beautifulSilent Valley reservoir NISilent Valley Northern Irelandrocks northern irelandQuaint house church greyabbeyLooking over greyabbeyIrish hillsGreen hills northern IrelandGreen fields Northern IrelandDriving to the Mounr Mountains


Greyabbey monestaryGreyabbey northern ireland antiquesirish fish and chipsCute shop greyabbey northern IrelandAnnalng seaside villageBluebells northern irelandsunset bangor county down northern ireland

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  1. An absolutely superb article with beautiful photo Justin. You could sell Northern Ireland to the masses with this. Congratulations on the wedding and enjoy your life back in Japan!

  2. Thanks so much, Jonny. Not much writing in this one, just the pics. It’s been hard to keep the blog up what with a job and planning the wedding, I don’t know how you manage to post so much content! Back in Tokyo now, safe travels to you and looking forward to seeing your plans for this year!

  3. Thank you very much, allegroandrea! I clicked on your own blog there and some lovely monochrome shots, I like your style. You must love Japan too!

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