IKIMASHO Luxury Stays: Conrad Osaka


Our Address in the Clouds / 天空のアドレス

After an extremely short and convenient journey from Kyoto, we arrived in Osaka at 1pm and soon found ourselves on the 40F lobby of Conrad Osaka, able to check in a few hours early. As soon the elevator door opened, we seemingly stepped out into the sky – floor-to-ceiling panel windows all around us, some of which reached 50ft tall. Huge and spacious – more akin to a modern museum than a hotel – it was the most impressive hotel lobby I had ever experienced.

京都を去り短くて便利な旅の後、私たちは午後一時に大阪に到着し、40階にあるコンラッド大阪のロビーに着いていました。2-3時間早く到着したにもかかわらず早めにチェックインすることができました。エレベーターのドアが開いた瞬間、雲の上に到着したような空間でした – 床から天井まで届く大窓ガラスがあり、そのいくつかは15メートル以上の高さでした。ロビーは広々としており – ホテルというよりモダンな美術館のような感じでした。これまで行ったホテルで最も印象的なロビーでした。

conrad entranceIMG_3300Conrad OsakaIMG_3344

Embracing the City / 街を堪能たんのうする

The beauty of Japan, of course, lies in its many contrasts. Just an hour earlier, we had been walking through the quaint and cobbled streets of Gion in Kyoto. Now, 40 floors up, we were looking out over the third biggest city in Japan – a fact that the hotel has fully embraced. Unlike traditional Kyoto inns whose appeal lie in hiding you away from the world, this is an ultra-modern hotel. Its architecture is full of clean lines and sweeping vistas that celebrate the city outside, drawing it in.



A Room with a View / 眺めの良い部屋

Conrad Osaka’s commitment to providing guests with an almost futuristic city hotel experience continues into the room itself. All rooms include views over the city, as well as features and amenities you would expect from a leading five-star hotel. Lights, temperature and even drapes are easily controlled by a backlit touchscreen tablet at the side of the bed – minimising the need for switches and other clutter. Similarly, room service can be ordered through the TV, with contactless delivery available.



COVID-19 Precautions / コロナ対策

This is a hotel that takes COVID-19 seriously. Hand sanitizers were discretely placed around the hotel and on each table/check-in desk, and all staff were wearing protective masks. One step further, our room was fully sterilized beforehand, with a protective seal placed across the door. We had to break the seal ourselves to enter the room, proving no one else had been in there. While Japan has (perhaps) seen lower cases of coronavirus than in other countries, it is reassuring to see such a professional and stringent approach.


Around the Hotel / ホテルの周辺

With just 24 hours in Osaka, we decided that once we checked-in to the hotel we basically wouldn’t leave – choosing instead to eat the incredible C:GRILL (separate post to come), snapping photos in the lobby, and checking out the modern gym. It was really nice to not have any plans, allowing us to recharge and refresh for our return trip to Tokyo.

大阪滞在が24時間だけということもあって、私たちはチェックインした後は基本的に外出しないことに決めました。その代わりに、素晴らしいC:GRILL (別リビュー参照)で食事をしたり、ロビーで写真を撮ったり、最新のジムを使ってみることにしました。何の計画も立てず、東京へ帰る旅のためにリフレッシュする時間を持ててとても良かったです。


Osaka City: I’m sorry we didn’t see much of you this time, but I guess that is testament to just how good Conrad Osaka was.



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Images and text © IKIMASHO! 2020. All views expressed here are my own.

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