From Tokyo with Love: April 2021

Right now, Tokyo is well into its third State of Emergency – one that started at the end of April and will run right through to the end of May. But what does State of Emergency actually mean? Well, karaoke parlors have been ordered to shut, and restaurants have been asked to close early and cut out alcohol – but beyond that, the restaurants themselves are all still open, and of course the trains are all still running, ferrying millions in and out of the city each day.

People have been asked to avoid non-essential outings, but to be honest – in Tokyo at least – things don’t look much different pre- or post-pandemic. As I have said before, if I was to walk down my street right now, besides the abundance of masks, it’s business as usual. The government’s wishy-washy approach to combatting the virus means that those who live here are afforded a pretty much normal life. The downside? Well, the numbers aren’t really going down, and vaccinations are still nowhere to be seen. It’s therefore up to all of us to make our own decisions on what we feel is safe behaviour.

The photos in this post were all taken before the State of Emergency was announced, but realistically my life hasn’t changed much in the interim, besides going to restaurants. I miss my gym, that’s for sure. But I’m still able to enjoy walking around the neighbourhoods I love, and sit in the sun.

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  1. Jerome Bronzini

    Great pics as always. And yes, apparently in that particular Starbucks they actually know how to make coffee (definitely not the case in the regular Starbucks), and they have some insane barista equipment.

  2. Love your tour as always! Our 2020 trip to Tokyo now looks like a 2022 trip. All vaxed up and still no place to go…we’ll watch and wait, and enjoy your wanders.

  3. We’re talking about a car trip this fall around the western US to get used to the idea of traveling again. It all depends on how successful the vaccine is in various places, and how comfortable we feel. We’ll get there 😉

  4. Carissa Gan

    Really enjoyed reading this, and awesome pics of Tokyo! Can’t wait to head there again once the travel ban is lifted.

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