From Tokyo with Love: May 2021

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  1. Tony Neal

    Thanks for the wonderful & personal tour that you & your wife take us all through each month. I have recently discovered that I’m a ‘weeb’, which I used to think was only an Anime fanatic or tech-head. I certainly do fit the definition when I looked it up. Also, I notice that your taste in Japanese food seems to match mine, in that I prefer to have my meat & fish cooked & ‘slimy’ dishes are not to my liking. I think that is why I like Japan so much, — it is so different to Western culture & yet at the same time, it is a greatly Westernised & modern country. As a friend once said, — it is very quirky.

  2. Mario Ovalle

    I am so grateful for the time you spent taking those photos that at the same time are an impressive art work, and share them with us. You make me feel like I’m the one who are walking those streets, visiting the temples, staring at the busy and noisy train stations.
    Your photos are simple and at the same time express things that cannot be expressed with words.
    Best regards.

  3. Impertinent Tweed

    Love these man – so evocative of the understated pleasures of life in Tokyo.
    Nothing better than just peddling though the sunny streets of Setagaya and
    other spots in the West of town.

    Was going to ride that cool train to catch up with a mate in Kawagoe last year (before cancellations) – one

    Just had a Bahn-mi for lunch – very en vogue in Melbourne at the mo!

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