IKIMASHO Luxury Stays: mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Our stay at mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection – a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel.「メズム東京」での宿泊 – 唯一無二のラグジュアリーホテル

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a peaceful winter season. Staying in Japan for the duration of our break afforded us plenty of time to rest, relax, and recharge. We also had a wonderful experience at one of Tokyo’s newest luxury hotels: mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection.

ハッピー ニューイヤー!明けましておめでとうございます!良い年末年始を過ごされたことを願っております。どこにも行かず、東京に残った私たちはのんびりとした休日を満喫しました。一つのハイライトは東京で最近オープンした4つ星のホテル「mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection・メズム東京、オートグラフ コレクション」に泊まったことです。

Taking its name from the word mesmerize, mesm Tokyo is a modern, sleek hotel with a strong creative identity. In a world where luxury hotels can sometimes be hesitant to take risks artistically, mesm Tokyo stands out: its entire lobby transforming every night into a dreamlike underwater experience.


Our Room at mesm Tokyo ·「メズム東京」で泊まった部屋について

These days, much of my own opinion regarding the design of luxury hotels is would I want the features in my own house. With mesm Tokyo, the answer is unequivocally yes.


Our King Room featured grey granite floor tiles in the bathroom; soft floor spotlights; and a stylish bedside tablet that allowed us to control the entire room’s ambience at the touch of a button.


Beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows, a large balcony overlooking Hama-rikyu Gardens and the Tokyo skyline stretched out before us. As daylight turned to dusk, this ever-changing view added a great sense of atmosphere to the room.


Chef’s Theatre: Breakfast with a View · 良い眺めを楽しみながらの朝食

Breakfast was at served at Chef’s Theatre – the hotel’s signature French restaurant on the 16F, overlooking the pristine Hama-rikyu Gardens and Tokyo’s skyscrapers.


A revitalising view, mirrored by the food on offer – little points of difference included roasted pineapple pork; French Echire butter; dried kiwi in the salad section; and a platter of pear & earl grey danishes. It was nice to see some unusual, and successful, ingredients on offer.

活力を与える様な眺めもさる事ながら、用意された様々の食べ物一つ一つに細かいこだわりが見られました- パイナップル ローストポーク、フランス産のエシレバター、サラダバーにはキウイのドライフルーツもあり、洋梨とアールグレイ デニッシュ等、数々の食べ物が用意されてありました。珍しくて、美味しい食材がとても印象的でした。

Meanwhile, outside the window, eight train lines weaved slowly back and forth; the whole scene resembling a model train set of Tokyo.


Modern, Confident Aesthetic·自信に満ちたモダンな美学

A luxury hotel should always feel like a destination in its own right, and mesm Tokyo is no different. From the moment you step through the shimmering entrance on the ground floor, you are treated to a number of carefully thought-out details that make this hotel unique.


From the staff dressed in bespoke black attire, to the dried bonsai trees adorning each table in the lounge, each element comes together in harmony. Even the elevator lights are shaped to look like a cross section of bamboo.


Take a look at the video below, and I hope you like the vibe.


Follow in our footsteps:

Images and text © IKIMASHO! 2023. All views expressed here are my own.

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