Fried Bananas in Bali


Quite often when you travel a lot – and particularly when you are a travel writer – so many little moments can get lost; photos relegated to the the depths of memory cards, overlooked in favour of bigger articles that are being written at the time. As a perfect example, I was freeing up some space on a card the other day when I came across a group of photos I hadn’t looked at since the day they were taken.

Cycling along the east coast of Bali north of Sanur, I was in search of an abandoned theme park I wanted to photograph and explore. (That article ended up on DAZED here.) Sanur has a pretty big tourist infrastructure, but the further you travel out of town the more rustic things become, especially along the coast. Few tourists have any reason to venture up this way and so most food stalls are geared towards the local people who live there. Not so much out of hunger but out of curiosity I approached one lady’s hut to see what she was making. I could see oil bubbling away in the background with batter all over the place. Some bananas were sitting out and so I asked if I could buy some to put in my bag for later. She said yes, but she was also a little confused – as it turns out, the bananas on display were actually there to be deep-fried.

Wanting to give her a bit of business, I ordered some fried bananas and just sat for a bit watching her at work. A kitten was rolling around in a bucket, and on a nearby beach local Balinese people were burying themselves in black sand as a respite from the heat, but also as a mineral-rich remedy for their skin. These kind of chill nondescript moments happen every single day when you are travelling in this part of the world, and I really love just being on my own sitting watching the world go by.



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