A walk around: Shoin Jinja-mae, Tokyo


Shoin Jinja-mae 3

A few weeks back I took a short journey out to Shoin Jinja-mae, a small station on the Setagaya Line in my own district of Setagaya-ku. Walking about Shoin Jinja-mae’s narrow streets, you really do get the sense that it’s a secret spot that noone has really twigged on to yet. I absolutely loved its laid-back vibe: a mixture of Old Tokyo and modern boutiques. Saying that, living there might be a bit different from merely visiting.  The tiny Setagaya Line that connects it to the rest of Tokyo could potentially be rather inconvenient and a bit of a pain during rush hour, and the fact that there are no tall buildings in the neighbourhood means larger apartment layouts (2LDK~) aren’t really an option. Pros and cons aside, it’s definitely a station that left a strong impression on me, and I’d like to go back again soon. In fact, it’s exactly what I look for in a neighbourhood.  (PS. If you go yourself, make sure to eat some of these amazing croquettes!)

Shoin Jinja-mae 1

All aboard!

Shoin Jinja-mae 2

The tiny Setagaya Line train, arriving at Shoin Jinja-mae station. No manned ticket gates here.

Shoin Jinja-mae 4

We fell in love with this neighbourhood, with its charming run-down awnings and sleepy vibe.

Shoin Jinja-mae 5

There’s a slight hustle and bustle in the streets but nothing too crazy. Just locals having a walk and doing some shopping.

Shoin Jinja-mae 9

Like most small stations, independent retailers are everywhere and it’s nice to see. Buy your fish from the fishmonger… your veg from the fruit and veg shop.

Shoin Jinja-mae 16

A busy Saturday afternoon in Shoin Jinja-mae

Shoin Jinja-mae 10

There were old-school decorations down a little alleyway…

Shoin Jinja-mae 11

As well as boutique shops and eateries. This neighbourhood has a great balance of Old Tokyo and modern living.

Shoin Jinja-mae 12

A record-store owner passing the time while listening to some jazz.

Shoin Jinja-mae 18

A paparazzi shot of myself…

Shoin Jinja-mae 17

Just after we stared in awe at this little book shop. Too cute.

Shoin Jinja-mae 6

Shoin Shrine sits just at the end of the main shopping street.

Shoin Jinja-mae 7

A nice place to have a walk in the sun…

Shoin Jinja-mae 8

And eat some lunch 🙂

Shoin Jinja-mae 14

Back on the main strip and a classic bit of Tokyo architecture – no building is too narrow here!

Shoin Jinja-mae 15

Tokyo is full of these little stations, and I love exploring them.

Shoin Jinja-mae 13

The colours and the vibrancy always make my heart smile.

A walk around…









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  1. Very nice photos. Tokyo has always been close to my heart as a traveller. A place that I have visited the most after Singapore, its roads and streets give me instant rush. I am again planning for a travel to Tokyo and this time I am gonna go to places that I have not been before. This article will come in handy then. Thanks.

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  4. Wendell

    My neighborhood 1991-1995. Still looks great. The old Setagaya Line trains had wooden floors that gave the cars a wonderful aroma on rainy days. You handed your fare to the white-gloved train driver, who tossed it into a leather bag sitting next to the controls. Thanks for the pics!

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