A walk around: Akabane, Tokyo


Akabane alleyway tokyo izakaya red light neon

Last Friday I found myself out drinking in Koenji, an area not too far from Shinjuku that – like my own ‘hood of Shimokitazawa – is famous for its thrift stores and retro vibes. I go there once a year for the Awa Odori, but apart from that I honestly don’t really venture out that direction – despite it only being a short train ride from where I live.  (Last year I think I visited three times in total.)

Anyway, as I was sitting outside drinking my chuhai on an overturned beer crate, I thought to myself that I really should find more areas in Tokyo that have that unmistakable old-school shitamachi feel – ie. how Tokyo was before the economic miracle of the 1970’s and 80’s really took off. And so, as luck would have it, I actually ended up in one such area just 48 hours later: Akabane, in the northern Kita Ward of Tokyo. With it’s smokey alleyways and little shop windows, it’s yet another example of just how different every station in this city can be.

Akabane shopping street tokyoakabane street scene sun tokyoAkabane alleyway tokyo 3Akabane alleyway tokyoAkabane photo studio Akabane KaraokeAkabane alleyway tokyo Thai restaurantAkabane izakaya tokyo 2Akabane izakaya tokyoAkabane alleyway tokyo 2Akabane alleyway tokyo barberLanguage school Akabane TokyoAkabane tokyo small shrineAkabane apartments Tokyo treesAkabane apartment crow TokyoAkabane alleyway tokyo snack barDog Akabane tokyo

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