A walk around: Yaho, Tokyo

YAHO / 谷保

Yaho Tokyo 1

The longer I live in Tokyo, the more I feel at home among the smaller, lesser-known stations that are scattered right across the metropolitan area. The quiet vibe of these neighbourhoods suits me to a tee, and I am perfectly content to spend my days simply meandering through the backstreets, stopping for a coffee when the notion takes me. Most guidebooks portray Tokyo as the biggest, craziest, most futuristic city on earth. But for me, the reality is quite different. Perhaps my fascination with these little quiet areas is a sign that I want to move out of the big city someday. But for now, I am content to have the best of both worlds.

Yaho Tokyo 3Yaho Tokyo 4Yaho Tokyo 5Yaho Tokyo 6Yaho Tokyo 7Yaho Tokyo 8Yaho Tokyo 2Yaho Tokyo 10Yaho Tokyo 9Yaho Tokyo 11Yaho Tokyo 13Yaho Tokyo 12Yaho Tokyo 14Yaho Tokyo 15Yaho Tokyo 16

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A walk around…









  1. Alex

    My most interesting times in Tokyo were days and nights spent walking around. I used a guidebook called Tokyo 29 Walks. Admittedly, this book did not get to the locale you wrote about but both your post and the book underscore the truth about Tokyo. It is a fascinating book place to explore on foot.

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