A walk around: Tsukishima, Tokyo



Last Saturday I had a wander about Tsukishima – a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, just across the channel from Tsukiji fish market (which I still haven’t been to despite living here five years…) Tsukishima was created over 100 years ago using earth that was dredged from the bay during the construction of a shipping channel. It’s an area rarely featured in guidebooks, although among Japanese people it’s probably best known as  a mecca for monjayaki – a kind of runny pancake with different ingredients, such as seafood, meat and vegetables, mixed into the batter. There are seemingly hundreds of monjayaki joints packed along Nishinaka Street, but since it was a bright sunny day I didn’t fancy being stuck inside one of these smokey restaurants. (Monjayaki is great by the way – even if it genuinely does look like sick.)

Instead, I was content to potter among the backstreets and river inlets, ending up at Sumiyoshi shrine which is overshadowed by a number of residential high-rise complexes. Tsukishima is a place were the remnants of old Tokyo still remain, but with heavy development happening nearby for the 2020 Olympics, who knows how long it will last. Check out my walk in the video and photos below.

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A walk around…






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