A walk around: Residential Hachimanyama, Tokyo



I’ve been back living in Tokyo one month now. I arrived on a Monday night and was back to work on the Wednesday. Feels like I’ve never been away. Prior to me taking a break to travel for ten months I was working all the way out at Kashiwa in Chiba. It was a great school and I loved it, but the two-hour commute each way became too much, and that was what ultimately led me to needing a break. This time around I’m back working at a school I initially taught at in 2012/13. It’s much closer: 30 minutes from my house, and because I already know the school, the teachers and some of the kids, the transition has been pretty smooth. Hachimanyama is on the Keio line heading west out of Tokyo towards Mount Takao. To be honest there is no real reason to visit this station unless you live or work here – but some of you may find it interesting to see what residential Tokyo looks like: real domestic life as opposed to the skyscrapers and bullet trains you see on TV. This is my walk to work each morning.















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  9. Ariel Monaco

    Loving your blog. Quick question: when was the top picture (Shimokitazawa Station) taken? Is it still under construction?!

  10. Thanks for the message – wow, this post was actually 4 years ago now. The shimo pic was taken from the Inokashira line platform and yes the station is still under construction somewhat but nearly finished. Hard to give a frame of reference, have you been there before? Looks different now from many years back, especially the outside of the south exit.

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